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"Debbie has made a huge difference to me in many ways, from how much I value the importance of nutrition to what I put in my body. She brought my attention to other factors which I had not considered - my low deficiency levels in both Vitamin D and B12. She helped me get back to healthy levels with regular blood tests and recommendations for vitamins.

For women going through the menopause this has been a life changing experience and I cannot recommend Debbie enough as my weight has reduced, I have more energy and I generally feel I've given myself a better chance of staying healthy in such a challenging world

Debbie's approach is non judgemental and she works with you to balance around your work and family life"

- Jacqui P

"Over the course of three sessions, Debbie has provided me with in depth nutritional and lifestyle plans with a focus to improve my acne and gut microbiome. Debbie and I discussed her recommendations candidly to ensure the plans were realistic for me; I found Debbie’s sympathetic attitude to modern day lifestyles very encouraging as it allowed for some indulgence, making the plans feel less regimented.  Advocating a ‘food first’ mentality whereby a greater variety of fruit, vegetables and fibre are introduced into your diet, Debbie outlines the benefits of ‘eating the rainbow’ and tips on how to introduce these foods into your diet.  After my three sessions with Debbie I can already notice improvements to my skin and digestion as a result of the adaptations to my diet and I couldn’t recommend Debbie as a nutritionist more!" 

- Issy T

“I can’t believe how useful and positive I have found the whole experience. Debs provides, quite frankly, amazing value for money. She gave me hints and tips and recommendations throughout the appointment an amazing Plan, including recipes and links to useful websites. Not once have I felt hungry and the food I am eating is delicious!

A month down the line, I am feeling so much better; less bloated, clearer skin, more energy and my sleep is improved. I am feeling enthusiastic and positive about what we do next!

 I would highly recommend Debs, the knowledge, passion and support she offers are second to none. "

- Lea R

" I can confidently say that ever since my first consultation, my symptoms have only got better and better” Debbie is positive, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, thorough, caring, has amazing attention to detail and really goes the extra mile to help you. All the changes I have made to my diet & lifestyle thanks to Debbie have meant every period since February have been regular and only seem to be improving. I could not recommend her highly enough."

- Olivia R

"Debbie is very knowledgeable about wellbeing and nutrition. She took time to explain the nutritional benefits of specific foods and has given me the tools to address my health concerns and to enable me to meet my nutritional goals. She is highly personable and I loved working with her. "

- Maddy H

"Debbie is very enlightening and helpful; with her thorough knowledge she approached my symptoms with real understanding.  This resulted in me changing the way I think and behave in relation to my nutrition and wellbeing.  With Debbie’s practical advice and enthusiasm, I have been able to make considerable changes improving my energy and concentration.  Debbie supported me throughout to make real changes and I would highly recommend her."

- Fiona R

 “From day one, Debbie was so positive, she knew she could change my life and she did. She is so easy to talk to and very through, it was like a full body MOT.

 I have now had a third consultation, my chronic condition has improved and I am reaping the benefits. I cannot recommend Debbie highly enough. She is passionate about what she does and is extremely knowledgeable. She makes the journey to good health fun and now I’m systematically encouraging all my family to benefit from her wisdom and advice."

- Carol R

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