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revitalise your health  |  restore your energy  |  regain your spark 

Do you feel like you are on the treadmill of life? Just going from day to day, surviving rather than thriving? 

Let's get you back to your best self...

Welcome to DJF Natural Nutrition

I am Debbie Fitzpatrick, a clinically trained Nutritional Therapist, wife and mother. I work with women who want to regain their zest for life and feel amazing every day.

Has your weight crept up ? Are you fed up with feeling stressed, tired all the time, lacking in energy, unable to sleep, craving sugary things, and/or exhausted?

I can help you

 With a simple, individualised nutritional and lifestyle plan It really is possible to bring good health and vitality back into your life.

Let me show you how.

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"I can’t believe how useful and positive I have found the whole experience. Debs provides, quite frankly, amazing value for money. I would highly recommend her, the knowledge, passion and support she offers are second to none."

- Lea R

Nutritional Services

Working Together

One to One Consultations to achieve Optimum Health & Wellness

Nutritional Services

Personal Consultation Packages, Workplace Wellness, Workshops & Talks

Healthy Tips & Recipes

Evidence Based Tips and Nutritious, Simple, Delicious Recipes

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“Nutrition is one of the simplest ways t
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